adopting both applicable national JB or JB/T standards and JIS with a strong focus on stringent quality assurance.

Certification of Quality

2014 We received certification of quality of our heat treatment process from Sumitomo (S.H.I.) Construction Machinery Company, Limited in February.

Dissect them to perform various tests

In order to ensure that our heat treatment is carried out properly and up to the standard required by our customers, we take samples from the finished products for tests and dissect them to perform various tests on their precision and accuracy and other quality requirements. We check whether the heat treatment is done properly for the entire work-in-progress and the average passing rate was approximately 99%. In the case of any product return or complaint, we will also test the products to identify any quality assurance issue. We hold regular meetings to discuss our quality assurance procedure and improve it from time to time.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

We inspect the magnetic particle on a random sampling basis to check if the forgings have inner defect.

Upon passing our internal control check, we attach an identification tag to the forged ring to record the passing of the quality assurance check. Our inspection team and measurement team conduct quality assurance tests at each stage of the production process as described in the paragraph headed ‘‘Production process’’. We conduct physical inspection by deploying measurements tools and magnetic particles inspection tools. The objective is to ensure that the products will meet the quality, and identify any defect in the production process. (Picture) It can show the unqualified products detected during the quality inspection process.


We pride ourselves in our ability to produce slewing rings adopting both applicable national JIS and JB or JB/T standards and it is crucial for us to have sufficient measurement in place to ensure that our products conform to these standards at all times.

We produce slewing rings in accordance with our customer’s requirements. We are looking to deliver “one experience” to every customers with our brand.

Our quality assurance department is responsible for the quality testing of all finished products upon completion of the manufacturing process. Our in-house inspection checklists are based on primarily JIS and JB. These standards cover the essential structural parts of slewing rings. Depending on the model of the slewing rings, it can encompass measurement of the outer ring, the total height of product, the diameter, size and distribution of the mounting holes, the raceway contact angle, the raceway surface quenching hardness, number of gears, gear surface hardness, measurement of axial clearance, radial clearance, axial run-out, radial run-out, gear radial pulsation, starting torque, gear radial jump mark, etc..